Optical measuring devices

The main application for optical measuring system are deformation measurements and strain measurements of 3D object with optical non-contact method.

The systems are utilized in many technical disciplines (for example in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, textile industry, medicine etc.). Our products are leading in the field, as seen from cooperation with renowned companies and universities.

We don’t only retail the equipment, but also offer leasing and custom measuring.

Mercury RT measurement technology

Finite element system ADINA

ADINA® is a general purpose finite element system for advanced engineering linear and nonlinear analysis of structural, heat transfer, field and fluid flow problems.

Deployment of ADINA® FEM is the best solution to decrease expenses for making protoypes and reduce testing hours in development engineering. The state-of-the-art capablity of ADINA® are very benefitting with its reliable results in nonlinear solutions.

RIE s.r.o. company provides a top quality customer support and service in the Central and East European region with focus on CZ, SK, PL. We don’t only retail, but also offer benchmarking and set up for custom finite-elements calculations and expert analyses for ADINA implementation.
Engineering analyses and measurement
We are providing various engineering analytic services, expert analyses and measurement at areas of development and experiment verification. We are dealing with common technical calculation as well as numeric simulations by using of FEM and CFD codes.

At the area of measuring of mechanical events we are providing standard strain gauge or accelerometer measuring as well as optical measuring by using of image processing methods.